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Sound Recording & Mixing

Adel Gamehdar

Adel Gamehdar, sound engineer. Born in Iran, he began his professional career as a sound engineer in Germany in 1989 at the Ikaron Theater (today El Garden infernale) in Berlin. As a sound engineer he was employed at the Kunsthaus Tacheles from 1990-1993 and worked in the following years, among others. as Technical Director in a recording studio in Prenzlauer Berg, until he joined the film business in 2005 as a sound recording engineer for "Me and the Others" by Amon Thein. Adel Gamehdar worked among others. 2014 with Godehard Giese on "The Story of the Astronaut" (New Berlin Film Award) and took over the sound recording for the short film "Çevirmen" by Emre Kayis (nomination for the European Film Award, 2015 and winning the Best Sound) as well as for the creative documentary "Gulistan, Land of Roses" by Zayne Akyol (winner Milan Film Festival, Best Feature Film). For "4 Walls / 4 Walls" Adel Gamehdar is responsible for the sound recordings and the mix. Here is My CV